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BodySwap by LaraTheLabRat
14130 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
The kinda thing I really love. Furries turning into each other. Flir and @Firr specifically.
Wet Floor by Swatcher
14726 views, 64 favorites, 7 comments
Sinking into a new world...
flir small by Angrboda
13568 views, 91 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for flir; another "pick a color" pic. Guy > rabbit via scarf.
FlirWeazalSwap by LaraTheLabRat
7400 views, 15 favorites, 4 comments
Older thing, uploaded here because Paint TF is the thing nowadays.
nm-Jeztobunny by Tincrash
14149 views, 117 favorites, 10 comments
Princess Jezz to Bunny
bunny formation by Flinters
11835 views, 92 favorites, 10 comments
Serling was having a rather bad hair day, and then he looked in the mirror and realized that it was really a very bad HARE day. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.
Flirpaint by Nickwolf
15831 views, 129 favorites, 13 comments
I think I am gonna start running a business now, selling toon paint to willing, or sometimes unwilling customers. Here be a very willing customer Flir happily (and messily) applying a new coat of rabbit to himself.
bunnygirl by Childofdune
39735 views, 417 favorites, 19 comments
Methinks this has happened to her before :P
Year of the Rabbit by GrandStorm
14294 views, 30 favorites, 6 comments
I was born 1987 year of the rabbit! and by odd timing Happy Easter! Hop Hop! I actually feel like its been decade since I drew a straight animal TF .
trixorz by Cobalt_K
8 images, 26706 views, 135 favorites, 14 comments
An old sequence circa 2004. It's never been shown to anyone...until now! A girl quickly learns the danger of eating discount-price imitation cereal. Apologies for the captions.