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usagi by Greenback
13493 views, 82 favorites, 5 comments
Xids color by GrandStorm
10634 views, 64 favorites, 11 comments
A couple of boys, Stumble into the wrong forest and are caught by the fairy folk who live in the forest. As punishment the boys are forced to live in the forest forever as woodland critters by order of the fairy king.
BodySwap by LaraTheLabRat
14317 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
The kinda thing I really love. Furries turning into each other. Flir and @Firr specifically.
Wet Floor by Swatcher
14887 views, 66 favorites, 7 comments
Sinking into a new world...
flir small by Angrboda
13749 views, 91 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for flir; another "pick a color" pic. Guy > rabbit via scarf.
FlirWeazalSwap by LaraTheLabRat
7585 views, 15 favorites, 4 comments
Older thing, uploaded here because Paint TF is the thing nowadays.
nm-Jeztobunny by Tincrash
14279 views, 117 favorites, 10 comments
Princess Jezz to Bunny
bunny formation by Flinters
11982 views, 92 favorites, 10 comments
Serling was having a rather bad hair day, and then he looked in the mirror and realized that it was really a very bad HARE day. Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.
Flirpaint by Nickwolf
16048 views, 129 favorites, 13 comments
I think I am gonna start running a business now, selling toon paint to willing, or sometimes unwilling customers. Here be a very willing customer Flir happily (and messily) applying a new coat of rabbit to himself.
bunnygirl by Childofdune
40255 views, 421 favorites, 19 comments
Methinks this has happened to her before :P