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Rabbit TF by Cayuga
19016 views, 149 favorites, 11 comments
bunnytf sm by Corvidima
6544 views, 32 favorites, 2 comments
[Cancer Fund] Ear's lookin' at you...
Ryshunas present by Wrathofautumn
12370 views, 44 favorites, 4 comments
A commission I did for someone(Course, he needs to find a way to pay it back. Too bad he doesn't live here. I'd have him clean my apartment and then re enact episodes of the Simpsons. Mmm...donuts...)
RabbitTF by Halfwing
8710 views, 67 favorites, 6 comments
Just rabbit tf pic. n__n Not all that good I know, but I tried. =p
girlbunnytf by Mirandaleigh
31177 views, 254 favorites, 9 comments
Another girl transforming... her stuffed bunny is just trying to protect her.
ev-wererabbit by Everard
12822 views, 39 favorites, 6 comments
These aren't the best of scans, I'm sorry. This was the first thing I drew in months, and the first transformation in, oh, must be ages.
Stage by LeLe
3 images, 52145 views, 110 favorites, 17 comments
My first transformation series ever. A 3 part sequence where a girl turns into a rabbit. Done as samples for IoDM, a breedables shop on gaia. I was trying for a faded style, and the anatomy is waaay off, especially on the first drawing but other than that I was fairly happy with them since I had done them all in one day.
easter by Shiro
36463 views, 210 favorites, 31 comments
When the Easter bunny needs a hand.... A rabbit's gotta do what a rabbit's gotta do =^.^= Happy Easter Transfur!
Experiment e by Edmol
6 images, 144281 views, 612 favorites, 38 comments
This is a new translation from SC.
nm-emhnar by Tincrash
20597 views, 74 favorites, 8 comments
Every Magic Hat Needs a Rabbit