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Hallowen Group Commision by Tomek1000
15047 views, 68 favorites, 6 comments
hi all here is finaly done group commision for halloween i hope everyone on art will like it ^^ i put lot of owrk in drawing characters and shading them here are all who did join it 1:iconswack16: tf werewolf 2:iconemiendorwin: tf tg Nidoqueen 3 :iconsmartluxio: tf black cat 4:iconcorbynprower: tf bunny 5:icongeneraldragon: tf lombax 6:iconspirit-of-dragons: tf bat 7:icondinok-wahrok: tf? witch 8:icontheguynooneremembers: tf dragon
Wet Floor by Swatcher
14888 views, 66 favorites, 7 comments
Sinking into a new world...
qroms by Ealadubh
14510 views, 37 favorites, 0 comments
Familiars should be seen and not heard. Cartoon idea by Weremoose.
Year of the Rabbit by GrandStorm
14506 views, 30 favorites, 6 comments
I was born 1987 year of the rabbit! and by odd timing Happy Easter! Hop Hop! I actually feel like its been decade since I drew a straight animal TF .
Try Outs by Tgwonder
14504 views, 198 favorites, 4 comments
yeah, I think he might like the outfit. :3 <3 ~tgwonder
Blackwolf-Mixup by PickleJuice
14497 views, 41 favorites, 10 comments
It was fun for a little while, using the stolen Chemical X to transform into an animal. But that was only using a drop at a time, and he knew that a higher dose would render a permanent change. Then his roommates pulled a prank and filled the tub with it before he got in. Ohhh boy... BTW, I'm available for commissions. Help an out of work dope like me struggle by! I'd like to gather enough cash to buy an old clunker car before winter sets in Minnesota here. Thanks! Just click on my profile...
BodySwap by LaraTheLabRat
14320 views, 28 favorites, 2 comments
The kinda thing I really love. Furries turning into each other. Flir and @Firr specifically.
Healing Ward by Tgwonder
14320 views, 62 favorites, 1 comment
I'm pretty sure it's some kind of rare illness. =3 <3 ~tgwonder
nm-Jeztobunny by Tincrash
14279 views, 117 favorites, 10 comments
Princess Jezz to Bunny
Vixen Season by Tgwonder
14193 views, 131 favorites, 4 comments
well, someone didn't shoot :B