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nm-nikon plant tf by Tincrash
3 images, 20548 views, 51 favorites, 7 comments
Commission for Nikonraccoon on FA
Muzzed by Kitsunefan
20515 views, 147 favorites, 11 comments
Comic for chase on Furaffinity The raccoon is a character called pickpocket who can swipe your humanity when youre not looking!
WhoNoseWhatsGoingOn by LaraTheLabRat
18299 views, 36 favorites, 4 comments
Seen some merge around here. This zany thing okay?
Tallyn's Transformation by everruler
4 images, 17671 views, 75 favorites, 13 comments
Commissioned by Kenku and Tallyn.
Sandwitchcraft by LaraTheLabRat
17348 views, 18 favorites, 4 comments
Guess who's coming to dinner? Oh ho ho. Yeeah, more comission work for a certain inanimate loving Tanuki.
nm-raccoontf-- by Tincrash
16261 views, 26 favorites, 4 comments
Guy slowly turning into a Raccon due to some TF beam or something, first TF drawing in awhile and in color
Jason doll TF by Robertge
16153 views, 85 favorites, 9 comments
When a raccoon girl starts to mess with science, as always, something goes wrong. In a few more minutes she'll be a harmless raccoon doll. Tragic, no?
Working with Wildlife by Amber-Aria
15989 views, 169 favorites, 7 comments
A lovely TF idea provided by Orioles03, commemorating their first job out of college: wildlife removal and release! Orio gets a nick from a feisty raccoon, that proves to be... a little bit contagious.
raccoon- by Faunus
15904 views, 187 favorites, 3 comments
She's been raccooned!
Pool Toy Bubble by Tonde
15470 views, 41 favorites, 3 comments
request for Gubaguy in FurAffinity. he become to fursona of pool toy version!