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nm-Tina Crash by Tincrash
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For those who wonder....Yes I was playing with having a fem form for a bit =)
Coonish by Halfwing
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Free Samples by Tincrash
11360 views, 81 favorites, 8 comments
Power of stripes by Nisharu
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An innocent girl who chooses between many pieces of underwear, one that would later change her look forever.
[c] Time to Relax - 2/2 Complete by Recurrent
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A comic commission for MacDaRacc Featuring my own potion crafter, Nika.
nm-raccoonTF by Tincrash
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Tony Ringtail by Flinters
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Another RudeRoo Streamcast. Again, 30 minute limit was imposed to help me speed up my sketches for conventions. This one took just under 20 min. It's intentionally more scratchy and rough. An alley with a freshly TF'd raccoon wouldn't be properly represented with smooth finished lines. It needs to have the harsh and rough gritty linework of the environment. That's hard for me to do because I want to keep erasing the rough lines and finish them- but that also is why sketches at cons take so much ...
NickWolfTFsIntoNessViaGlo by LaraTheLabRat
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More old paint TF, yet another pal.
raccoon by Liger
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raccoon by Liger
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Raccoon Theif