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karmak by Sirenz
4 images, 108896 views, 580 favorites, 19 comments
tanooki by KelvinTheLion
3 images, 57131 views, 225 favorites, 29 comments
Some of you wanted them back so here they are! It's those dumb kids who always get turned into things, and the Tanuki is back too!
Racamii by Hazard
43712 views, 295 favorites, 13 comments
This scanned from a very small original, hence the thick clumsy outlines. She still rings a few bells though ;)
nm-draccoontgtfpt by Tincrash
2 images, 32406 views, 155 favorites, 22 comments
Tanuki by NNBTK
3 images, 28158 views, 106 favorites, 9 comments
This is my character Tara. She doesn't really transform, I just did this for the hell of it. Really old sequence that I redid recently.
raccoon by JWB
14 images, 26065 views, 186 favorites, 12 comments
Hey look! Im not dead! As promised heres the final, finished, completed raccoon sequence! Thanks to The Kyle Raccoon (a.k.a. Rascal) for the idea and for his half of the trade which can be found at his site coontf.xepher.net. Thanks Kyle:)
Aaron's Fishy Freak Accident by Antiquity-Varmint
11 images, 21447 views, 77 favorites, 13 comments
All 11 pages now finally have been finished and all colored up! I hope many of you readers have been enjoying this comic work of mine so far!
Sproing! by Narubi
18374 views, 313 favorites, 12 comments
Looks like she wasn't expecting to see a new poofy tail when she looked down....psh. :P
Living Toy TF by Tonde
2 images, 18169 views, 71 favorites, 1 comment
request from kikko in FurAffinity.
nm-nikon plant tf by Tincrash
3 images, 17933 views, 51 favorites, 7 comments
Commission for Nikonraccoon on FA