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Yinglet tf tg (art trade) by Tomek1000
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here is art trade with :iconvalsalia: i did realy like the idea of creature he made "Yinglet" it look so awesome that i wanted do with him art trade i hope he will draw more of this cool race
More Cursed Cheese by Kitsunefan
6407 views, 25 favorites, 2 comments
You think they would stop making this stuff by now , I dont imagine you get repeat customers
Teething by Ottter
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Whoo high-contrast B&W images :p I had a ton of fun painting this, trying to see what worked with shading and what didn't! This is a patreon supported image. If you want to support me to create more images like this, please go to: http://www.patreon.com/ottter
Crazy Husky Rat by Kresblain
4273 views, 18 favorites, 1 comment
Faust gets a ratty appetite and more. Commission for Crazy Husky on FA.
Dont touch by Kitsunefan
8347 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
For quixoticfur on FA Chimera TF
[Comm] These Clothes are Uncomfortable by K-Libra
5168 views, 41 favorites, 0 comments
Stream sketch commission for AgentCypher on FA. You can see him here transforming into a rat. Never mind the shifting flesh, those socks are getting pretty annoying!
Helpless by Kitsunefan
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Helping customers get warmer by Spacecat
10650 views, 135 favorites, 10 comments
A commission for supertrainstationh He had an idea about some haunted hotel, where the cheapskate hotel managers would transform their sleeping customers into furry anthros in the night in order to save on the heating bills. So far, nobody has complained yet! He just wanted a before and nearly done shot. She has yet to get the fur, but once she does she'll be nice and toasty. In the morning she'll be human again, so no harm has been done at all.
The Lab Rat by Shiro
11054 views, 82 favorites, 5 comments
Be careful around your lab animals, you don't want to catch anything...
Witches Brew by Kitsunefan
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