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[Comm] These Clothes are Uncomfortable by K-Libra
5300 views, 41 favorites, 0 comments
Stream sketch commission for AgentCypher on FA. You can see him here transforming into a rat. Never mind the shifting flesh, those socks are getting pretty annoying!
Helpless by Kitsunefan
6461 views, 33 favorites, 0 comments
Helping customers get warmer by Spacecat
10816 views, 135 favorites, 10 comments
A commission for supertrainstationh He had an idea about some haunted hotel, where the cheapskate hotel managers would transform their sleeping customers into furry anthros in the night in order to save on the heating bills. So far, nobody has complained yet! He just wanted a before and nearly done shot. She has yet to get the fur, but once she does she'll be nice and toasty. In the morning she'll be human again, so no harm has been done at all.
The Lab Rat by Shiro
11493 views, 84 favorites, 5 comments
Be careful around your lab animals, you don't want to catch anything...
Witches Brew by Kitsunefan
7775 views, 42 favorites, 1 comment
Rat Magic by Kitsunefan
5337 views, 22 favorites, 2 comments
something went wrong? or right.
Scientific Progress by Everard
7191 views, 70 favorites, 7 comments
...goes 'squeak'. Was it a side effect of the memory serum, or an unexpected error in the teleportation matrix? Better run the tests again to make sure. Science!
Fever by Everard
5554 views, 65 favorites, 1 comment
Fresh from the lab.
Taking Flight by TigrisG
4762 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
A kangaroo rat becoming a sun conure! I decided to make him angelic by allowing him to keep his arms and grow wings. It's not realistic, I know. lol Commissioned by Forepawz
Animation: Transformation Marathon by Chrysalis
33808 views, 181 favorites, 20 comments
WARNING: LARGE ANIMATION FILE. An animation I made back in 2010. Some of you have probably seen it before. I rendered it again recently, now that I have a more powerful computer and a more recent version of Photoshop, which means that I can make it more than 300 pixels wide. Unfortunately, I still can't get rid of the pixellated dithering effect. It seems to be a GIF thing. This took just over a month in Photoshop. I started with thirteen pencil sketches of different creatures, scanned t...