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reindeergames by Kuma
47054 views, 329 favorites, 23 comments
Something to start off the x-mas holidays heheh. And my very first commision. Now taking commisions if anyone is interested, just drop me a line. Will divulge price details soonly.
merrychristmas! by Kuma
31703 views, 256 favorites, 15 comments
So yeah...My conscience wouldn't let me sleep until a drew an overly cliche' christmas themed TF. Bit of a rush job, but better than nothin. And yes, he's male, not playing the whole 'males lose their antlers in winter' game. Hope everyone has a happy holiday!
Holly by Shiro
29512 views, 212 favorites, 21 comments
Holly, a new Werereindeer, going through the motions. Merry Christmas to all TF and Furry fans Worldwide!
Merry goo-ristmas by Kaju
3 images, 23004 views, 84 favorites, 2 comments
Merry christmas 3/3
reindeer-elf by Faunus
20604 views, 66 favorites, 6 comments
I was inspired by some other TFs I found on here before...unfortunately, I can't find them again. Anyway, in the spirit of the season, I ask you: what says "Christmas" more than an elf-to-reindeer TF?
Caribou TF by Narubi
3 images, 19086 views, 79 favorites, 2 comments
Eating that cookie sure did have some strange effects...doesn't look like he minds though! :P Commission for a user on FA :D
reindeer goo TF by Kaju
3 images, 19016 views, 84 favorites, 1 comment
Terrie by Corvidima
17968 views, 80 favorites, 2 comments
Gift for Newenglander of his character "Terrie"
Xmas Cookies by Jakkal
4 images, 15613 views, 100 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @PheagleAdler of his eponymous character nicking a few of Santa's cookies.
Walt-Reindeer-G by PickleJuice
14275 views, 92 favorites, 3 comments
Its dec the 19th and you answer an add online saying that Vixen the female anthro latex reindeer had broken her leg, and that Santa need a willing male to be changed into her replacement for the rest her life. The interview process goes well. You know of 8 other guys trying to get in, and you are happy to get chosen for the second round of interviews "This interview is with the costume." The elf says, presenting the shiny latex costume to you. it sounds a little strange, but you guess what he...