Ripped Clothing

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Pooltoy TF/TG Sequence by TheRazzDazzler11
1080 views, 13 favorites, 1 comment
Woo first submission to this site for me :3 I can’t wait to participate in this community UYU This was drawn on October 5, 2022
Mote it BLEAT by Childolir
4154 views, 46 favorites, 3 comments
That's the neat thing! You don't! Maybe don't go trying random spells you find online as a joke?'re going to do it anyway, aren't you?
Feeling Fishy (redux) by Breezes
3 images, 2918 views, 46 favorites, 2 comments
redid this pic from 2019! Kimberly's relaxing yoga retreat changes her... more than she bargained for (Also sorry for the repost lol)
Shewolf's Gaze by Losipher
2925 views, 24 favorites, 0 comments
Fluff Dragon TF by Losipher
3 images, 5773 views, 30 favorites, 1 comment
Astro The Werewolf TF Comm by Losipher
3382 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
Escape by WhenWolvesCryOut
5943 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for paulrevere1991. Kelli and Green go on a human-only quest despite the fact they're both cursed with non-human forms. Surely nothing can go wrong, right?
Protector by WhenWolvesCryOut
2694 views, 22 favorites, 3 comments
My displacer DM, who for the time being is gonna be named Sarah, may have been mistaken when she thought the Displacer beast was gone. It may have just been asleep. And it may wake up if it thinks there's danger nearby. Doesn't have to actually be danger nearby, it just has to think there is.
[💲] Down Under by Honey-Bear
4683 views, 49 favorites, 5 comments
Character belongs to chaospawpaw on FA. - ─ ─────────────── ─ - If you like what I do and would like support my work and get some extra content, consider checking out my Patreon!✨ Link in my profile!
Zeelo's Shark Transformation by Kaiko
4730 views, 29 favorites, 5 comments
My first full Transformation sequence commission! Thank you for supporting me as a new artist >//W///<