Ripped Clothing

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Werewolf night by Subject-C
1094 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
this was from october, a traditional werewolf
fox sequence 1 by Subject-C
723 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
one of the first true TF sequences I made, just a simple 3 frame TF btw, hello transfur! this is my first image on the site, I hope it's a good one.
datDumbFolf Watermelon Dragon! by TheRazzDazzler11
1211 views, 19 favorites, 2 comments
Here's the first drawing getting out of my slump! Thanks to datDumbFolf on Telegram for the fun! This was drawn on May 10, 2023
Bat crazy shifts by DogTFFan23
2 images, 524 views, 3 favorites, 0 comments
I think I drew these a year ago or two
Laughter in the padded cell. by DogTFFan23
627 views, 7 favorites, 0 comments
A Hyena transformation is fitting for someone like the Joker.
Battify! by Mxmaramoose
3446 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Morghus found a pretty awesome bat kigu on sale! unfortunately he didn't read the tags properly though and activated the Curse(tm). Happy TF tuseday!
A Firey Steed by Mxmaramoose
1893 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Wot in Tarnation!? Seems like Flyboyy 's cowboy OC is having a bit of a fiery start to his day #TFEveryday
Otter Tail Burst TF by TheRazzDazzler11
3318 views, 38 favorites, 5 comments
Here's quite possibly my new best drawing- I'm SUPER proud of this so I hope you all enjoy this :3 This was drawn on December 7, 2022
datDumbFolf TF [c] by TheRazzDazzler11
1617 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Here's a comm for datDumbFolf from the Transfur Telegram chat! Thanks for the support :3 This was drawn on December 7, 2022
Lilly Commission by TheRazzDazzler11
2383 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
Here's a commission from the transfur telegram chat UYU This was drawn on November 26, 2022