Ripped Clothing

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One Size Fits All by Banana_of_Doom
3 images, 24691 views, 122 favorites, 7 comments
She's not wrong...
Stretching Out by Narubi
11890 views, 122 favorites, 2 comments
Quetzalcoatl transformation :D
Oh deer. by Sevenpaperplates
14611 views, 122 favorites, 2 comments
Terrible pun, terribly traumatic experience.
Myanmorphosis by Lucern7
10 images, 19078 views, 121 favorites, 7 comments
A Transformation sequence commission from Myanmor-1 on deviantArt it was the first sequence I had completed after my year long hiatus.
Werewolf Transformation for W0lfB0y by Jakkal
3 images, 17565 views, 120 favorites, 6 comments
Werewolf Transformation commission for W0lfB0y of FA.
Dragoniade To Orca by Artist-Guy
4 images, 16416 views, 120 favorites, 18 comments
Page 4 of 4 Commission from Dragoniade here: "Dragoniade had it all. Then one day he's turned into an orca and he's about to find out that being an orca... is harder than it looks. It's a 20, 000 league comedy. Dragoniade is: The Orca. Rated PG-13"
YCH: Week 4 - Fantasy Beach Romp by Jakkal
13260 views, 120 favorites, 1 comment
Special YCH commission for Nothere of a woman who decided to take a romp on a lovely, but forbidden beach.
Jurassic Fever by Jakkal
2 images, 14547 views, 119 favorites, 2 comments
Livestream Commission for @Onom of a scientist that wants to better understand all the dinosaur hype. Like Transformations? Consider donating to my Transformation Comic Anthology!
Sting Operation - Commission by Ametf
20455 views, 119 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Silao on FA. A hive of wasps kidnaps and transforms people into helpful worker drone wasps.
Fishing for trouble by Xids
8675 views, 118 favorites, 8 comments
This is a com for @lunarkeys. Looks like she got more than she bargained for when she went out to the dock this day. X3