Ripped Clothing

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Werewolf Transformation for W0lfB0y by Jakkal
3 images, 16129 views, 116 favorites, 6 comments
Werewolf Transformation commission for W0lfB0y of FA.
Sting Operation - Commission by Ametf
18821 views, 116 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Silao on FA. A hive of wasps kidnaps and transforms people into helpful worker drone wasps.
Girl Squirrel TF by Dog_Girl_Kari
11479 views, 115 favorites, 10 comments
A Squirrel tf. ^ Really In depth comment, huh?
Connection Failure by DstRoy
11221 views, 115 favorites, 8 comments
When "Could not connect to internet" isn't the only problem. Whooiee, this piece was a work in progress for far too long, but now it's finished! And the wyvern turned out rather well, can't say the same about the background tho. :D I had much fun drawing this piece, shame it took so long to finish. And it seems that he is going commando.
Dragon Surprise by Virmir
9531 views, 114 favorites, 12 comments
Surprise! You're a dragon! Doodle for Nolhyaa. ;)
LSC: Human -> Raptor by Jakkal
9728 views, 113 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for onom of a human changing into a Raptor of his design.
I SEE A BAD MOON RISING by ReddishMaroon
2 images, 14832 views, 112 favorites, 12 comments
Public Transformation by Sevenpaperplates
12315 views, 112 favorites, 6 comments
Right on the corner of a nondescript street.
Unbridled - a Horse Tf For Angrumoys by Kuzim
11860 views, 112 favorites, 6 comments
A Commissioned piece from Angrumoys. Supposed to be another straightforward sequence of him transforming into an overtly masculine stallion. He wanted to be either a Frisian or quarter horse, but since I am by no means an avid equestrian, i simply turned him into whatever non-existent breed fits my definition of 'horse".
Bovinity by ArcticFFFox
15491 views, 112 favorites, 1 comment
Halfbody TF commission for @PheagleAdler of him turning into his large, bovine self! That bell's been given some special properties by this mist that's floating around...