Ripped Clothing

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I SEE A BAD MOON RISING by ReddishMaroon
2 images, 15683 views, 112 favorites, 12 comments
Obligatory 'Oh no! My shoes!' by Demyxia
9200 views, 112 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for Post on FA~
newroo by Flinters
24742 views, 112 favorites, 1 comment
Classic-Werewolf-TF by Zho
12718 views, 111 favorites, 11 comments
Just something I decided to draw for no real reason... uhm yeah. he's a werewolf guy
The many transformations of Peter by KageJaganshi
26756 views, 111 favorites, 14 comments
Oh Peter and your defunked transformations. From my sereis Monkey Ghost- Peter seems to have a lot of problems with his transformations. Like randomly turning into a frog at the public pool or a sperm whale in the bath tub. Oh, not a worm, a caterpillar!
Flight or Fight? by Amber-Aria
4 images, 16221 views, 111 favorites, 6 comments
This is a sketch sequence for Grimm-the-Wolf on FA, for my 100 Sketch Challenge. It seems that poor Bonames and his antics have gotten himself far over his head this time! Barely evading arrows from pursuing archers, Bo flees for his life down a forested path. It soon becomes apparent that he has no choice. Running won't help, and he turns to another option. Another presence rises up to tackle the situation, a much more grim, battle-hardened personality...
Freefalling by Viergacht
14437 views, 111 favorites, 8 comments
A dragon transformation commission for Nothere - it is actually five distinct large, detailed drawings, this is just a smaller combined version with simple shading to show online. It took a while to do since I was fighting rolling blackouts the whole time, but I'm very happy with how she turned out! Been doing a lot of these types of drawings lately, and I really love drawing dragons (who doesn't?) because I'm a big ol' lizard nerd.
SAD DRAWING by ReddishMaroon
10178 views, 110 favorites, 14 comments
[sad description]
Demon Dragons tf by Heezy
19414 views, 109 favorites, 8 comments
Request for Rajara (FA). Just two guys being possessed by two demon dragon spirits. No big deal... (Featuring Rajara and Wyraachur)
One End is Another Beginning by DstRoy
14795 views, 109 favorites, 10 comments
"The little bells above the door rang as the front door opened and someone stepped in. She wasn't expecting it, but she stood up behind the counter and greeted smiling, 'Welcome to Fireline's Mystery & Magic, how may I help?'." She really needed someone to clean those candles out. A raptor isn't the best choice for a servant though, but it's something, at least. The charcters were fun to draw as I tried different poses, but when I got to the background.. Well it took most of the time to draw. ...