Ripped Clothing

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Newly Transformed by HamsterToybox
8512 views, 100 favorites, 7 comments
Commission. This was a Christmas present, but the recipient has already seen it so I can upload it now. I've loved these commissions - of course, the fact that they are werewolves is a bonus, but I also got to work a lot with patterns and textures that I otherwise wouldn't think to try. Want a picture like this for yourself? I still have commission slots. If you order quick I can get it done by Christmas. Info is here ->
Is it in You? (Commission for Chaamp) by Halcyon
2 images, 10705 views, 100 favorites, 15 comments
Trying out that new Lupine Lunge Gatorade flavor. It's got Electrolytes! Chaamp wrote some narrative to go with these :)
Hgdragontfcom by Xids
7456 views, 100 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for @pheagleadler Looks like he just found an cool new pendant and also a great new job keeping it and the rest of the treasure safe
wyverncommish by Gryf
21225 views, 99 favorites, 0 comments
Wyvern commission
YCH: Week 7 - A Toast to Raptors by Jakkal
11734 views, 99 favorites, 3 comments
Special YCH commission sequence for CanineHybrid of their were-raptor character who has a strange affliction with toast.
Werefoxy by Vultsky
7035 views, 98 favorites, 6 comments
I got bitten by a pretty big fox, I really should have gotten it checked out. I decided it wasn't that big of a deal... at the time. Turns out it would cost me my jeans and a new belt! Who would have thought fluffy werefox tails were powerful enough to snap through both of them? Oh well, at least now I won't get cold. Line art done by this guy: Coloring done by me.
Rabbit-Valerie-part- by Shiro
46786 views, 98 favorites, 4 comments
Valerie is involved in a Experiment regarding the DNA of the rabbit in the tube next to her. The product solution pours over her, and she takes on wererabbit traits, not unlike her lapine friend in the other tube...
Human -> Horse Post TF by Jakkal
10847 views, 97 favorites, 6 comments
Livestream Commission for Arrow Quivershaft of his RP character Nathan's reaction to being turned into an anthro horse.
The Delta Project: Nov 2018 How Roo'd! by Jakkal
2 images, 10817 views, 96 favorites, 2 comments
Maybe you should practice a little more empathy for those around you, lest you find yourself a victim of your own poor attitude. This was the 2 page November 2018 mini-comic for The Delta Project. The Delta Project is a Transformation Comic project entirely driven by its Patrons. If you want to suggest themes, creatures, and sometimes your own characters, Join now! The Delta Project is an anthology of short comic stories involving shapeshifting. Patrons get to submit and vote on ideas ...
Sweet Release by Narubi
7471 views, 96 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for a user on FA ^^