Ripped Clothing

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Fennec TF by Demyxia
8442 views, 96 favorites, 7 comments
Part of an Iron Artist I've been working through on FA, here's one of a guy turning into a Fennec Fox~
Come a Little Closer by Gillpanda
7513 views, 96 favorites, 5 comments
A nice little transformation for Yin commission for Yinfox
Livestream Commission: Human to Fox by Jakkal
7590 views, 95 favorites, 3 comments
Another commission for Darius Whitefur of a soccer player turning into a fox as he runs through a swamp. No, I have no idea either.
Commission - I'll make you better by Demyxia
9019 views, 95 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for post of him being turned into a corgi guy by my husky goddess gal, which he has named Cindy. :3 I imagine she's thoroughly excited to have a similarly looking friend now ^w^ Enjoy!
Shark Idol by SepiSnake
4 images, 12310 views, 95 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for TofuBread on FA of him turning into an anthro shark after encountering a magical artifact.
YCH: Week 10 - Charmer Snake by Jakkal
13054 views, 95 favorites, 3 comments
Special YCH commission for Fiskpinne of his character Julia being possessed by a malevolent snake demon. Anyone ever tell transfur staff that their "Possessed" tag is misspelled?
The Two Tails of the Blue Moon by Jakkal
4 images, 15412 views, 95 favorites, 6 comments
Transformation Comic Commission for Slyfox6414 of FA. This is his character Corey Volpe, taking on his kitsune form due to the light of the full moon. This was the result of a special TF Werecreature auction. I do not normally do this for commissions. Slyfox6414 was the second highest bidder. Instead of having another auction, I offered to do the comic for him if he matched the highest bid. Original auction information here:
snake by TfProxy
15620 views, 93 favorites, 3 comments
A man discovers his inner reptile with the help of a little trinket.
Girl Weredonkey TF by Dog_Girl_Kari
10115 views, 92 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Donkfur78 A lady changing into a Weredonkey, and right as she was leaving to go out for the evening, a shame.
I Just Bought This by Okamaru
2 images, 23664 views, 92 favorites, 5 comments
"I just bought this bikini, and now it's ruined!" that's what happens when you sun bath without sun-screen. after the burn you skins gets all flaky and scaly and then you'll shed ;P edit: added a before picture with her all burnt up~