Ripped Clothing

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Wal-What?: Comm by Shadowpelt
4707 views, 40 favorites, 0 comments
Finished 24 hour sketch for @Forepawz!
Bullied: Comm by Shadowpelt
6480 views, 57 favorites, 1 comment
Finished 24 hour sketch for @Zho! I went over 24 so free colors!
Skunk TF by Trevor_Fox
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Oh, the humanity! Well, I seem to be losing that. And my stink is contagious.
Dragon TF by Trevor_Fox
2 images, 5609 views, 45 favorites, 1 comment
I drew myself turning into a dragon. I try to do something new with each piece of art that I do in order to push myself to get better. Well...I shouldn't say EVERY piece. But often. With this one, I made the background more grey so that it wouldn't clash with the colors of the character, and I shaded him by using crossing lines. I also used the tree and the bushes in order to frame the character and draw more attention to him. I'm pretty happy with the result.
Locker room Change by Gillpanda
8807 views, 36 favorites, 1 comment
Here we have @PheagleAdler enjoying his transformation in the locker room after a game. whelp... i better watch out, those wings may knock me back if he flexes them! Commission for hg3300 Art by Gill Panda ©2015
Commission: Prrrf! Wrong Nanites! by Rex_equinox
12 images, 14761 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
For @brenderlin
Panda by ReddishMaroon
7741 views, 49 favorites, 1 comment
commission featuring kaifox @orioles03 @paulshep @TDK and MattMan
Raptor Magic by DstRoy
8963 views, 79 favorites, 10 comments
"The amulet had a bluish glow to it.." And so it was a magic amulet that transformed him into a raptor. Celebrating the Jurassic World, I decided to draw this. Not really. This piece has been under work for quite a while and to be honest, a bit too long. This was a request and I'm sorry I took so long doing this, thanks for being patient. :) But ye, the pic! I had fun drawing it and I'm glad I finshed it eventually. :D It seems his shoe has disappeared.
Ant Misbehaving by Ametf
10761 views, 54 favorites, 6 comments
Commission for Nyhgault on FA
What did you doooo? (mmacage commission) by Xids
6011 views, 48 favorites, 0 comments
looks like mmacage has gotten into some TF fun and brought his buddy for the ride