Ripped Clothing

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Cougar TF by Fringedog
10023 views, 146 favorites, 4 comments
Bit of a post-TF picture, as I've been practicing various techniques to produces color shaded artwork again after a long hiatus. So far I'm pleased with the results even if there's still improvement to be made. Then again, I go by the school of thoughts that you're only good at something as long as you're willing to keep improving at it no matter how "good" you already are. Also, added the Moon to the tags/themes for this picture as though it's not displayed here, I've still got a big fon...
Must Be a Full Moon by Nyomi
8874 views, 145 favorites, 4 comments
Someone is new to lycanthropy...
Aerobatics by Spacecat
6 images, 17924 views, 144 favorites, 15 comments
A commission for morghus, where he is out one night for a stroll, and weirdness suddenly happens! I love bats so much. They are so awesome <3 I am open for commissions for these. If i'm full I can put you on a wait list and contact you when i'm ready :3
Curse Of The Were-Teddysmall by MjR
2 images, 33685 views, 143 favorites, 11 comments
A little later than I hoped..... but here is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and thinly fitted a were-theme around it..... sort of a parable in this not to get too consumed into your interests or you'll could be consumed by it. It would be great if someone could make this into a full story.
Synthetics by Banana_of_Doom
5 images, 32007 views, 143 favorites, 11 comments
Oh, that pesky science and chemicals, always turning us into something.
wolfhalloweenpage by Zho
3 images, 33854 views, 142 favorites, 5 comments
I get a collar from a mysterious benefactor! Halloween ensues
Shark-Fin Surprise by SepiSnake
11192 views, 140 favorites, 7 comments
A young woman accidentally falls overboard, but instead of drowning in the sea she becomes a part of it. It only cost her legs and the obliteration of her pants.
Forbidden Brew by Stickmanwww
17934 views, 139 favorites, 8 comments
A very curious farm hand sneaks a drink of his father's personal "brew". His dad kept a very strict eye on him and kept him away as best he could, and he always rebelliously wished to discover why. One day when he saw his chance, he took it. Then instantly regretted his actions... ...Until his human mind started to fade, leaving behind another assistant in the daily farm chores.
Rats by Wat
8804 views, 139 favorites, 1 comment
Looks like she’s been ratted out. A bit back BSB took one of my pics and inked/colored it, I did the same with this one.
Bears in the Arctic by Demyxia
3 images, 16200 views, 139 favorites, 5 comments
A series of in-stream commissions that work as a sequence~ Enjoy