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Dragonhood by Wuffy23
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Comic done as part of a trade with Holydrake over on FA If im honest this comic isn't as dynamic as I had in my head but I had to keep the comic from being too long lol, anyways it would seem the young man aka Holy Drake has finally found what he's been looking for, and look at that cool cloak! who couldn't resist trying it on and the statue sure doesn't need it, what could possibly go wrong?
Cursed Rings by Tomek1000
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Finaly its done i worked at it about 1 week and now atlast i can submit my work here is commision for James Xar from Furafinity he and his friend :iconemiendorwin: find 2 cursed rings, after they put them on they start change into female dragoness "CURSE" this is my moust hard art i ever done i realy long worked at bg here i was trying tu upgrade my skills in drawing i hope they will like this comic
seahorse by Ealadubh
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Moon of Blood by Wrathofautumn
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The dragon tf I posted earlier has now been colored! And now...behold as beneath a bloodstained moon and starlit night, within the ring of Stonehenge, how an occultist ritual long shall give birth to a god.
ampitheatre by Ealadubh
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Tourists should be careful around Greek relics.