Saber-Toothed Cat

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Forced volunteering by KrazyIvan
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After cloning sabre tooth cubs a lab assistant was called in to "volunteer" for raising them. Last thing Charlotte remembered was sitting in an office signing some kind of non disclosure agreement, or that's what she thought. Tzell's commission :)
In need of a bigger toothbrush by Splice
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A smilodon teef request from the last stream.
Commission: Coffee Battle by ShadowsMyst
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This was my commission (singular) of 2008. The request was a battle between two characters, over the last cup of coffee in a starbucks-ish location as they are in mid transformation into a bear and sabretooth respectively. This was the resulting artwork. A high quality poster sized image was provided as the final file. My turn around time for commissions has been rather dismal. I'm trying to improve that.. but only partly succeeding. Characters property of their creator; posted with per...
Sabertooth by Hukeng
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Cave paintings suggest that occasional instances of spontaneous shapeshifting have been known as early as the middle pleistocene...
OSC: Suddenly Sabretooth by Jakkal
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Commission for lostcat461 of his character changing into a sabretoothed lion (American Lion) Of his design.
TF quickies by Danwolf
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Just wanted a little break between comissions,been working on these for a day :3 I hope you like it back to comissions !
Raise The Dead by Wrathofautumn
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Commission for Nightfirer 3/3 And now it's completed! Onto the next commissioner(Savver. XP)
Saberwizard - Cancer Fund by Corvidima
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[Smilodon Wizard - Cancer Fund] There....he heard it again. The wizard opened one of his pouches, drawing forth the powedered smilodonis ferrous. There were consequences with meddling in the affairs of the magical, and he would show the intruder just what kind. He tossed the powder above him, and felt the world shimmer. Padding softly around a corner the moonbeams filtered through the tall windows, making his furry coat glisten. He shook the last of the powder off him. He would have to re...
Saber color by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander
dana by Corvidima
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Commission for Newenglander.