Saber-Toothed Cat

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The price of heroism by Sialu
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He had entered the fight knowing he'd likely not return home; this however, had not been part of his list of "possible reasons why" this are a few concept drawings for a story I've got on the works
In need of a bigger toothbrush by Splice
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A smilodon teef request from the last stream.
Vibing by Sonicspirit
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Still figuring out the new tablet! This was fun, I started it hanging out with friends at New Years' this year, while we were chilling in the hotel room listening to music, which seemed like a fun TF trigger. Bonus Starburst just cuz!
Smilodon Speedpaint Practice by K-Libra
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More speedpaint practice. Also worked on muzzle stretch and teeth, among other things. Nobody used for reference here. Also took about an hour and a half (~1hr 30min).