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Tf Tuseday Dragon by Mxmaramoose
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Some days you just got to be a bit self indulgent... So there no real intense story or anything I just felt like drawing some poor soul getting turned into a dragon. idk why.. maybe they pissed a witch off. anyway enjoy!and if you wanna see more like this
Howllowing Out by Terminotaur
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TFTober Day 5: Mechanical It had started that day with a severe stomach ache and he had stayed at home. As the day went on it felt better, then odd. Touching his belly it felt odd, pushing against his pelt with no resistance. The skin tears and he finds his insides no longer there, replaced by a thick metal backbone and a mess of wires and cables in place of intestines. As he stares at his hollow belly the changes expand and increase, plates starting to form over skin, whereas in other ar...
Suddenly Horsebutt by Mxmaramoose
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“ Suddenly Centaur” Aka “ Oh crap! what the hell new legs!!” This was just a fun transformation doodle.
Feraligatr TF by Taitora
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Afternoon Jog by Taitora
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Patreon Reward for SBlitz370 on Furaffinity
Hisui Zoroark TF by mlexi
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When they tell the trainee to stay away from the subjects, they really do have good reason to.
Animated Donkey Pandemic TF by Drigil
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Probably won't make sense at first, but wait until it loops...
Dogwalker by Taitora
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"You had one job"
Arbok TF by Taitora
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Bristling by Hukeng
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Shy werewolf vs puppy