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Crow by Mxmaramoose
4620 views, 54 favorites, 4 comments
A quick watercolor piece
Patreon Sneak Peak - Deer Make Up by tfancred
5706 views, 57 favorites, 0 comments
If you want to see more of my stuff or participate to my future projects, you can join my patreon at : Now, Story time! Danna tried the unfamous deer make up style with this manga inspired outfit for halloween! Her boss didn't like the idea and, sadly for her, he was a wisard! NOW, you don't have choice to wear this stupid make-up! And she's standing in her hostess job hoping her new tail is not too visible throught her skirt!
Piers' Malamar Tf Coloured by Samarline
4991 views, 17 favorites, 0 comments
Transfrormation of Spikemuth's gym leader Made as a gift for Fezmangaka
Guardian Lion by Taitora
6770 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
He should have respected instead of just taking a few photos. Now he has at least a hundred years to learn while he is guarding this temple from harmful spirits.
Midnight Thief by Taitora
4623 views, 14 favorites, 0 comments
"Look what we got here..."
The age of innocence (AR/TF) by Kuzim
6717 views, 25 favorites, 1 comment
part of an art swap with a friend (onionsandshallots on DA). he's working on a story to correspond with this.
Beware the Crabs! by Garig1510
5072 views, 20 favorites, 6 comments
Gotta watch those crabs, you never know when they will decide to change you into a bird via their magic pincers! Alrighty, my first attempt at a TF sequence! This was actually a commission (also my first) for a client over on FA! This project took about two weeks, and presented a couple challenges, but was nevertheless very fun to work on, and I believe I learned quite a few new things from it! Definitely planning on doing more TFs in the future, perhaps after a little more practice! That...
Cursed Pantomime by Swatcher
8116 views, 35 favorites, 1 comment
It's a costume that's easy to get into but very hard to get back out of.
Centaur of attention by KrazyIvan
6476 views, 58 favorites, 4 comments
Centaur TF commission for my favourite horse guy Full version on my page yada yada, you know the line. Better version!
Kessy by KrazyIvan
4597 views, 34 favorites, 0 comments
Got a Poll Tier where members vote on what TF they want and this was the result. Enjoy:)