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You're what you eat - Cheese heads by Danwolf
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Don't trust those things. More important don't thrust them if they're giving you cheese...that's just suspicious =W= Now I have to Merp thanks to Siron's cheese cake. I liked the idea he gave me at the animecon last week,soo I've drawn it between comissions because I had a little bit of art block x_x Anyway,back to work next week !
Magical pencil by Danwolf
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Draw my wolf-self back. NOW ! >:( A silly trade pic I've done for my furiend
Sergal Tf Tg Mohroom Commsion by Tomek1000
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Sergal tf tg mooshroom (commsion) Here is commision for :iconn40-m1: he wanted his tf tg into ssome type of sergal and reason of tf was mooshroom that exploded and his spore turned him into mooshroom sergal ro something like that
Sergal Android Tf Tg by Tomek1000
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Here is comic commision for :iconrobosergal: where he tf tg into his OC i must say its my moust detailed comic i put in it lot of work with shading and all other details as you can see comic got 10 panels (+1 mini one) i chosed to not do text but do comic without it coz i wanted do it waht way all will show expresion of body and face Changes: color of eyes
LSC: Human to Sergal by Jakkal
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Livestream Commission for @Lancefoxx for his mate Burrwolf changing from human into a Sergal. I normally do not do other people's copyrighted creatures, but the creator of sergals has allowed other artists to draw them. Sergals belong to mick39: