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[Commission]-Kaelyn's drastic measure by Fringedog
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Another commission for TomLloyd. Previously posted as separate images for 5$+ patrons last month. The "nudity" version of the post-TF is still available only to 5$+ patrons right now but I am giving the patron permission to repost those images if they so wishes on their own gallery. In this case the story is simple and a bit open-ended; the character is either trying to inject herself with a cure to lycanthropy(and it failed), or in the opposite direction is willingly injecting herself wit...
Learn to Howl by Hukeng
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Still more of a faint whimper at this point, but he should get the hang of it eventually...
[Patreon]-In the throes of changes. by Fringedog
5311 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
Patreon sketch for Spacix.
I'm Really Whitney Houston on the Drums by Viergacht
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Don't walk away from me, I will always love you. But how will I know - Trick or treat? Stock used:
[PatreonPainting]-Werewolf in Winter by Fringedog
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December's monthly Patreon painting, now available on public galleries. This is the first with TF elements in a couple of months, so I felt it might be interesting to share it here as well.
[Patreon]-Gryphon without wings? by Fringedog
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Patreon commission sketch for Darius :)
Pentawolf Werewolf Commission by HamsterToybox
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Pentawolf on FurAffinity asked for a character in the middle of transformation. It was quite open ended, which gave me a lot of room to experiment, but I hope he is happy with the result! It was fun trying to get a mix of human and werewolf characteristics, and blending the fur with the skin.
The Curse of the Were Chicken (hg3300 and spyketranno com) by Xids
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This is a commission done for @pheagleadler and spyketyranno
Preposed Werewolves Commissions by Fringedog
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Commissions based on a bunch of preposed "YCH" here deal I offerend, that are meant to function as before/after references of characters as "humans" and "werewolves" of various models/"strains" that I offered a while back(and technical still offer as commissions). I may(if possible) post in my scraps the original YCH "models" that were used to create these later.
LS-Aerynwerewolf by Fringedog
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Commission for Onom