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Hawrooooeenn by V
9031 views, 57 favorites, 5 comments
Colour commission for lykanos :D
Patreon-Raccoon Thief by Fringedog
8980 views, 54 favorites, 2 comments
Last of the May Patreon Commissions sketches :)
Party Trick by Adanre
8934 views, 36 favorites, 8 comments
Hey again! Another image, this time themed around "controlled transformation".
Not a Morning Person by KrazyIvan
8919 views, 65 favorites, 12 comments
Samantha wasn't anything without her coffee in the morning, she wasn't even technically human...too bad its decaff.
Happy Thanksgiving! by Dog_Girl_Kari
8869 views, 48 favorites, 13 comments
I extend to all you big, juicy, meaty people an invitation to enjoy Thanksgiving at my house this year... >:3
"Tanuki Chocolate is Delicious!" by Eccentricchimera
8867 views, 11 favorites, 1 comment
And here's another Halloween themed transformation that I had in mind, a chocolate bar TF, this time featuring my good friend Zakk.
Werewolf Lady by HamsterToybox
8862 views, 85 favorites, 5 comments
She's so happy to be a werewolf :) I want her hair style, and her dress. Trying a new coloring method, involving mixing watercolors with PS. It's much quicker than PS alone, but still needs tweaking.
"Always punch nazis" by Fringedog
8803 views, 33 favorites, 20 comments
Done as a birthday gift for one of the wonderful person in my life.
Wolfman 2014 by Viergacht
8684 views, 70 favorites, 8 comments
A photomanip commission of a classic-style wolfman, for use in a book. I started with three different photos of men's faces (all from Shutterstock), did a lot of subtle tweaking to make the face look less human - lowering the forehead, making the eyes further apart and the mouth area larger - and then added in elements from apes and bears. The nose is morphed between human and dog. Funny enough, I didn't use any wolf elements.
Ludo by Demyxia
8660 views, 86 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Ludo