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Stress cat by frankenJade
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Mary has trouble controlling her magic when she's stressed, so it came as little surprise when she accidentally transmogrified herself while studying for finals. She was NOT expecting to suddenly go into heat right before her big exam, however. That's going to be pretty distracting.
Commission-Howling She-wolf by Fringedog
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Commission for Onom on Furaffinity
[Commission]-Kyrik's Wereravensona by Fringedog
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Commisson for Kyrik!
I'm Really Whitney Houston on the Drums by Viergacht
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Don't walk away from me, I will always love you. But how will I know - Trick or treat? Stock used:
[PatreonPainting]-Werewolf in Winter by Fringedog
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December's monthly Patreon painting, now available on public galleries. This is the first with TF elements in a couple of months, so I felt it might be interesting to share it here as well.
Halloween 2013 Raffle Prize - Zakk by Eccentricchimera
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Here's an old drawing of one of my friends, Zakk, using his shape-shifting powers to take on a feral form for Trick-or-treating on Halloween last year! Of course, with his shape-shifting powers, it's also easy to imagine that he could get a lot of candy by hitting the same houses over and over again using different forms...
Dragon Nap by Hukeng
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I wonder what she´s dreaming...
El Pollo Zorro by LanceFoxx
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"The Chicken Foxx." In my attempt to post more artwork this here, here is a picture I drew this weekend. It is a picture of myself turning into... a chicken. I've been on a farm animal kick recently, but I'm having fun with it! In this pic, I'm just waking up and maybe I haven't noticed the changes yet... ~Bawk!
Sabertooth by Hukeng
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Cave paintings suggest that occasional instances of spontaneous shapeshifting have been known as early as the middle pleistocene...
[Patreon]-In the throes of changes. by Fringedog
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Patreon sketch for Spacix.