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Anson by Sergio P. Wolf
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It's a rough night for Anson. Having been bitten by a werewolf, he finds himself transforming for the first time a month later! Having biked as far from town as possible to not hurt anyone, he stares at his hands as they warp into paws.
Commission-Howling She-wolf by Fringedog
7221 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Onom on Furaffinity
[Commission]-Kyrik's Wereravensona by Fringedog
7213 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Commisson for Kyrik!
I'm Really Whitney Houston on the Drums by Viergacht
7171 views, 50 favorites, 13 comments
Don't walk away from me, I will always love you. But how will I know - Trick or treat? Stock used:
Halloween 2013 Raffle Prize - Zakk by Eccentricchimera
7117 views, 20 favorites, 1 comment
Here's an old drawing of one of my friends, Zakk, using his shape-shifting powers to take on a feral form for Trick-or-treating on Halloween last year! Of course, with his shape-shifting powers, it's also easy to imagine that he could get a lot of candy by hitting the same houses over and over again using different forms...
[PatreonPainting]-Werewolf in Winter by Fringedog
7107 views, 46 favorites, 3 comments
December's monthly Patreon painting, now available on public galleries. This is the first with TF elements in a couple of months, so I felt it might be interesting to share it here as well.
El Pollo Zorro by LanceFoxx
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"The Chicken Foxx." In my attempt to post more artwork this here, here is a picture I drew this weekend. It is a picture of myself turning into... a chicken. I've been on a farm animal kick recently, but I'm having fun with it! In this pic, I'm just waking up and maybe I haven't noticed the changes yet... ~Bawk!
Dragon Nap by Hukeng
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I wonder what she´s dreaming...
Sabertooth by Hukeng
6952 views, 28 favorites, 0 comments
Cave paintings suggest that occasional instances of spontaneous shapeshifting have been known as early as the middle pleistocene...
[Patreon]-Otterly Wonderful Change by Fringedog
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Done for anonymous