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[YCH] Resisting the Change by Recurrent
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Completed YCH for MacDaRacc plus an additional color variation
[Patreon]-Wolfy Lady by Fringedog
6638 views, 35 favorites, 2 comments
Toned Paper Ink patreon commission for one of my two anonymous patrons. With this one I was given full freedom with the subject.
Quick Manip Shewolf TF Series (2013-2017) by Adaru32
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As the title states, this was a series of quick photomanips I've made in a few years. The first 3 come from 2013, next 2 are from 2016, and the last one's from 2017. All figures/models are me. Done on GIMP, Photofiltre, and Sai.
were-herder by Edthebordercollie
6587 views, 43 favorites, 9 comments
there's no urge to hunt, or thirst for blood here. Only a deep burning desire to herd anything and everything.
Morning Routine by Hukeng
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Unawere Cat by Hukeng
6432 views, 35 favorites, 5 comments
It´s happening again...
[Warmup]-Werewolf Thursday by Fringedog
6402 views, 38 favorites, 4 comments
This is what happen when I miss Werewolf Wednesday.
Entranced by the Feathers by Vultsky
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Hello all! I wanted to make a little surprise for my buddy 0plm, It's his birthday today so wanted to make a little something for him. Line art done by: Inking and Coloring done by Me And here's the original on FA
Frost Moon by ArcticFFFox
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Apparently tonight's full moon is called the Frost Moon AND it's a supermoon... that explains much.
Weredogs by Hukeng
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They come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually smaller and somewhat more domesticated than their wild, lupine relatives. However, having to oversee an entire pack of these bouncy little furballs during nights of a full moon can still be quite exhausting...