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Wolfing out by Danwolf
5222 views, 32 favorites, 3 comments
Comission for Freeclaw
Wolf Moon 2020 by WhenWolvesCryOut
5202 views, 62 favorites, 3 comments
A sketch done for the January full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon. Uploaded here a bit late because I was on vacation for the week, and didn't have a scanner. But I was really in the mood for big bappy pawbs this week, so I drew a bunch of them over the week.
[Commission]-Silverback werewolf by Fringedog
5181 views, 43 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Onom! --- For those interested in my artwork, my commissions and Patreon infos are in my profile :)
Were-Danwolf by Danwolf
5124 views, 15 favorites, 3 comments
That's actually ketchup and a squeaky bone...heh..yeah ^^" O___O *whipers* RUN. Second Halloween pic this year ^^ This time Dan going from silly tiny wuff to big bad wuff ! >:3
Moonlight Invitation by Sergio P. Wolf
5070 views, 30 favorites, 8 comments
The werewolf gestured with his half-paw to follow him into the woods. "Hey, buddy, let's go take a walk," He growled, showing his newly developed fangs. "I got a lot more wolf than this to show you." At least, that's how I'd like to enjoy a walk in the night woods. Thanks imaginary werewolf buddy! You really came through with just what I wanted! Lycanthropy is the perfect gift.
($) Brawn Break Sequence (2016) by Adaru32
5 images, 5067 views, 7 favorites, 0 comments
As the title states, this was a sequence I made in 2016. This was commissioned by someone on Deviantart and Fur Affinity, who wants to remain anonymous, of himself transforming into his weredragon form. Done on Sai with a mouse.
Commission - Nox 2 by Battlehog
5049 views, 23 favorites, 3 comments
Aaaand second commission for Nox!
Shifter by Hukeng
5022 views, 37 favorites, 0 comments
Werewoof girl at various stages of soft.
Derg Boy by Hukeng
5000 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
Trying his best to look cool and intimidating.
LS-Aerynwerewolf by Fringedog
4996 views, 45 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Onom