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shark gooTF by Kaju
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naked ver : NSFW ver :
Shark TF by BengalBoy
6273 views, 32 favorites, 0 comments
Shark Week-Commission by Blacksheeptfs
5792 views, 65 favorites, 4 comments
Huge thanks to my friends on Discord for commissioning their OCs as Sharks!
Squeaky Shark by Hukeng
5167 views, 14 favorites, 2 comments
A buoyant friend!
Shark Boy by Hukeng
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Fish friend!
Zeelo's Shark Transformation by Kaiko
4990 views, 30 favorites, 5 comments
My first full Transformation sequence commission! Thank you for supporting me as a new artist >//W///<
[c] Getting Ready for the Pool [Compiled] by Recurrent
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IceWolf91's Patreon rewards from July through to November all compiled together into one image sequence. This took a couple months to complete but I think it was definitely worth it! If you are interested in my Patreon and would like to receive art each month you can check it out here,
Kaiko Belly TF (Demi version) by Kaiko
4662 views, 43 favorites, 4 comments
My first Drawing for both the TF community and in general! It has been around two to three months since I started drawing, and I'm currently holding a POV YCH TF raffle on my Twitter so I can see how much i've progressed! I can't wait to draw and post more for this absolutely wonderful community!~
TF Badge - Amp by Dragonmanmike
4594 views, 13 favorites, 2 comments
Hey all!! This is the first in a series of Transformation themed badges I want to do!! Yes I will be taking commisisons like these, I will post details in my journal once I am ready to take commissions! Love how this turned out though, the small details in the face and how the hands turned out really make this shine in my own opinion. Feedback is appreciated!! If you are interested in commissioning a TF badge I will plan to have them for mail or for FC and TFF and for in person pick up at ...
[c] Sushi Lenticular Badge by Recurrent
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The artwork for a Lenticular badge for IcySharkie without the name, to see the art on it's own.