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Ram Guy by Ciervo
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This one, besides doing an ovine, was intended to demonstrate muscle expansion in one frame without the TF subject becoming overly muscled. I think the explanation was that he was about to change into his mascot costume in order to cheer his school's team on to touchdowns. Then he became the mascot before he could even change clothes. Whoops.
Chocolate Lamb by Skychaser
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Week old stale chocolate eggs from Easter can sometimes turn into a sweet surprise. For the artist challenge.
Nativity Sheep Dress Rehearsal by Amethyst
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An actor in a nativity scene gets a little too close to the role. Done back in 2008.
Anthro 101 by tfancred
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I did this pic for WTF (What the Fur), a futur furry commission. They decided to make a calandar to finance the convention and I had to make the september pic. Considering it is the "back to school" month, I deceided to sho an anthro. class. Those anthropology students didn't read the description of this class and they are pretty surprised by some of the side effects of their verry first anthropomorphic class. Done in Photoshop CS3 and drawn by hand.
ram by TFK
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Rams <3
ramtfzodiac by Kuma
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another addition to the zodiac thing, quicky comish from mr. dragoniade of himself into his zodiac animal. and yes....I stayed up all night again
Dresscode by Daniel-kay
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And it struck again, this time a student who kept breaking the schools dress code with to revealing clothes... the teacher made sure she "wears" enough for now (even though all that fluff must be hot and seems makes moving a little hard... guess the first thing she´ll do when she´s home is a close shave )
Sheep Newt by Bilious
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Turning my character Newt into various animals for fun- tried a sheep because it'd be cute XD
bigsheep by Luciusappaloosius
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Larger version of previous post
Intheblood by Shiro
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a young, lady sheperd joins her flock