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Wolves always look good on shirts by Ametf
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Cfz commission for Scree. He always comes up with the most interesting characters and Fabrima the skunk is no exception. She has the power to turn people into the 2d inanimate graphics on her t shirt!
Image Skunk by Robertge
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Don't you hate it when you put in the wrong code into a game and then you get sudden skunk boobs? ...yeah, I'd probably do it intentionally too. :3c Drawn for post (Ps. Tried a new "fur" style for tfs. What do you guys think?)
Firr the Skunk Transformation by W0lfB0y
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Poor William, he just wanted to have a normal Con just like all the others he attended in the past year but nope...not this time. Nothing quite like turning into one's fursuit to really make things interesting on a late Saturday night. Lets just hope he can change back at some point right... For @Firr.
Man of Many Faces by Niche
8470 views, 35 favorites, 1 comment
Older low-quality-photo sketch page of me transforming into many different animals for practice.
nm-skunktf by Tincrash
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Skunk TF by Fazar
8117 views, 69 favorites, 2 comments
Bad title, but something I was working on for Nightfirer as a commission. Took a few renditions to get the shading and colour done right. Not a big fan of the spraying aspect, so I don't think I'll do too many more of those.
After work... TF Happens! by Gaia1234
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Just when you want to go home to relax for the day... Boom! You've become a animal. c:
Rubber Goat-skunk by Demyxia
7269 views, 42 favorites, 2 comments
A goat transforming into a rubber skunk! Enjoy~
Rubber Skunk in a Box by Demyxia
6962 views, 55 favorites, 4 comments
Order yours today!
FirrAndKitTF by LaraTheLabRat
6899 views, 25 favorites, 5 comments
Comission for @Firr of him and his friend @KitsuneKit turning into FURRIES