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Gooey Snake by Ottter
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"It'd been a hot summer day, but he didn't expect it to be this hot!" The first Patreon Request image is out! :D I had waaaaaay to much fun with this, what with it being a Gooey-snake TF/melting image XD
[Patreon] - The Golden Castle by Inkblot
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"The castle had stood there for centuries. A golden fortress hidden in the mountains. The daunting structure had been the inspiration for the proud city of Falksdale, which used many of the same technologies found within the castle's walls. Many wondered who or what had made the structure, but whoever they were had long since departed from its grounds... Many adventurers came to the golden grounds of the castle in hopes of looting it for the many rare and wondrous artifacts that populated...
Orthros Absorbing Cerberus TF by Kaju
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hybrid gooTF by Kaju
9803 views, 44 favorites, 2 comments
Request with Twitter
Goo Blender by Virmir
11605 views, 40 favorites, 6 comments
I don't think we're grape-flavored.
Maundy gets goo'd by Spacecat
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A comic commission for maundrill @ FA!!!! Maundrill goes exploring a deep cave, but he is attacked by a WILD SLIME. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Spoiler alert, he gets absorbed by the slime and turns into a pile of sentient shiny slime! Goopy goop goop!
Ghoul Problems by Ametf
11188 views, 40 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Brandybutt on FA. First time drawing goo/slime so I hope it looks nice and icky
T-Rex TF by Kaju
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Big size:
Blue Dragon gooTF by Kaju
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BIG size :
Reindeer taur gooTF by Kaju
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bigsize : adult :