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Goomy attack by Danwolf
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Comission for nightfirer That's a lot of Goomies o-o What do they want from h...Oh...oh...okay...
slugger 2 by Zewel
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this was supposed to be a city scene, where you'd see other anonymous victims getting TF'd in the background, but i liked the tf so much in isolation i decided to keep it the main focus (if you squint really hard you can still see someone turning into a moth in the upper left!) i hope you like slug-related tf content because wowo do i have a surprising, unintentional amount of it on my PC atm!!
slugger 1 by Zewel
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heya transfur!! long time fan, first time poster lemme hit you with a classic favorite of mine. i'm feeling a little sluggish today. if you know what i mean. and i think you do. because i mean i am turning into a giant slug. get it? that's the j (before anyone calls it out: i drew too many tentacles on their face. i know, and i am ashamed)