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BonusLg by Corvidima
7 images, 24269 views, 148 favorites, 11 comments
A big thank you to those that donated - you get the higher resolution sequence :D [For those that wanted a snake: I take no responsibility for my brain once my body shuts down for the night...weird dreams...]
OSC: Sequence: Curse of Quetzalcoatl by Jakkal
5 images, 23616 views, 91 favorites, 14 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of himself becoming the blood sacrifice for the return of Quetzalcoatl.
Naga by Juanvaldez
22063 views, 71 favorites, 0 comments
A gift for Naga.
Look Into My Eyes by Swatcher
21771 views, 51 favorites, 7 comments
Ooops, spilled snake paint all over your arm, did you? Well then...
Snake in the Grass by Faunus
21718 views, 85 favorites, 8 comments
A visual pun...she's a snake in the grass.
cursssesss by Terrifel
21340 views, 82 favorites, 4 comments
Frustrated that the public access computer terminals at his workplace refuse to display any Transfur pages with the new website design, this fellow has transformed himself into a snake out of despair.
Dealing with Snake Juice - COMM by Ametf
21252 views, 108 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Silao.
Chinese Zodiac Collars by MaLAguA
12 images, 20579 views, 110 favorites, 13 comments
This is a bit of a series i worked on to get me to work under a theme. Siblings get themselves collars that can't seem to make up their mind at the idea of changing genders while also following the trend.
Partake the Serpentine Fr by Wrathofautumn
20446 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
This would be my first snake tf ever! Hehe, these players wind up dead last on the steps of knowledge, and Olmec turns them into something befitting considering the theme of the round. Just as a further note, I have no idea why I drew a couple of demonic apples like that. I just know that I drew this at four or five in the morning, and when that happens, I usually get the weirdest ideas. :/
Cobra Cola Returns by SepiSnake
3 images, 20271 views, 137 favorites, 4 comments
A three part tg transformation sequence for Tomek1000 on FA