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TFChallenge by Halcyon
20243 views, 103 favorites, 7 comments
Artist Challenge 1 - My chinese zodiac, the snake.
snaketf by Huginn
20172 views, 32 favorites, 1 comment
Just an average morning in the genetics lab.
Birvantrade by Bilious
19605 views, 26 favorites, 11 comments
Part of an art trade with my friend Birvan- his character who has the unfortunate fate to turn into a genetic monstrocity that resembles a manticore!
Commission : Eon in the wasteland... by Urbanvixen
3 images, 19096 views, 131 favorites, 4 comments
(I'm back and I've misssed you guys ! Details of my absence and return on my FA journal at || After the apocalypse, true survivors know the importance of checking a site before you settle in for the night. You should never take the chance with radiation.... aaaannd should double-check that 0% isn't just the battery symbol when your sister might have borrowed your detector.... Still, Eon's a survivor, and takes care of things. I think she'll make the most of it, don...
Attack of the Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
4 images, 18983 views, 139 favorites, 3 comments
A four part transformation commission for ThePrinceOfTheNorth of FA.
nm-mantosnake by Tincrash
18702 views, 65 favorites, 4 comments
Cursed Idol
nm-snakebodyTF by Tincrash
18597 views, 63 favorites, 1 comment
Snake Addition by Virmir
18348 views, 74 favorites, 10 comments
A logical way to solve a problem. Commission for Aira Fox, featuring Medik Jackal!
Revenge of the Cobra Cola by SepiSnake
4 images, 18226 views, 151 favorites, 6 comments
A four part shaded transformation sequence for justanotherken on dA.
TF Naga by Silent raven by Urbanvixen
17859 views, 87 favorites, 10 comments
OLD!! Going to upload all my old TF stuff, including the 'origonal' panels from the werewolf comic. I just don't feel like the quality of these is high enough to belong in the sequences anymore, but ya might enjoy them - so here you go. A young naga, quietly changing in expectation of company.