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TF Naga by Silent raven by Urbanvixen
17512 views, 86 favorites, 10 comments
OLD!! Going to upload all my old TF stuff, including the 'origonal' panels from the werewolf comic. I just don't feel like the quality of these is high enough to belong in the sequences anymore, but ya might enjoy them - so here you go. A young naga, quietly changing in expectation of company.
Snake in the Grass by Faunus
21340 views, 84 favorites, 8 comments
A visual pun...she's a snake in the grass.
Livestream Commission: A Xepher naga appears by Lucern7
15017 views, 84 favorites, 2 comments
A commission from pyroassassin on FA where he becomes a copper colored naga via a magic costume he may have gotten from a strange thrift store.
Axial skeleton by Manto
14550 views, 84 favorites, 5 comments
I'm going to try different snake tfs fused legs, maybe goo
Snakelady TF by Demyxia
10650 views, 80 favorites, 3 comments
Just snakin' about, lookin cool with that -way- too long tail.
cursssesss by Terrifel
21078 views, 79 favorites, 4 comments
Frustrated that the public access computer terminals at his workplace refuse to display any Transfur pages with the new website design, this fellow has transformed himself into a snake out of despair.
Snake Addition by Virmir
17750 views, 74 favorites, 10 comments
A logical way to solve a problem. Commission for Aira Fox, featuring Medik Jackal!
Dangerous experimental magic by KrazyKurt
12033 views, 72 favorites, 0 comments
- Something is wrong ... - Oh, this substance, that feels so weird... - And it spreads too quickly! I should quickly find a reverse spell... ...until it's not too late Be careful when you practice with some unknown magic. Some consequences of dat magic can be irreversible :3
snakeguy by Kanada
17331 views, 71 favorites, 10 comments
Do it Yourself Snake Transformation Kit. Impress your friends! Eat your enemies! Unhinge your jaw to impress the ladies! Only 19.95!
Naga by Juanvaldez
21839 views, 70 favorites, 0 comments
A gift for Naga.