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cursssesss by Terrifel
19393 views, 78 favorites, 4 comments
Frustrated that the public access computer terminals at his workplace refuse to display any Transfur pages with the new website design, this fellow has transformed himself into a snake out of despair.
snakeguy by Kanada
15551 views, 69 favorites, 10 comments
Do it Yourself Snake Transformation Kit. Impress your friends! Eat your enemies! Unhinge your jaw to impress the ladies! Only 19.95!
Heythis-was-the-bath by Lquiroz
67561 views, 218 favorites, 6 comments
This woman is being transformed with in the camber to a Naga
nagas by Carillon
14316 views, 21 favorites, 2 comments
Meduza by Juanvaldez
27721 views, 113 favorites, 13 comments
The first of the last....! Enjoy and thanks! (My Medusa)
naga coloured by Carillon
22383 views, 121 favorites, 3 comments
My little Naga perfectly coloured by Pederis. I love that Comic style. Go on with it ;)
Naga by Carillon
25643 views, 131 favorites, 6 comments
nice little snake
Naga by Juanvaldez
20174 views, 69 favorites, 0 comments
A gift for Naga.
snaketf by Huginn
17915 views, 29 favorites, 1 comment
Just an average morning in the genetics lab.
nm-snakebodyTF by Tincrash
16733 views, 57 favorites, 1 comment