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BonusSm by Corvidima
7 images, 187636 views, 887 favorites, 97 comments
Finished! Done as a "Thank You", but conceived as a pretty cool dream.
Heythis-was-the-bath by Lquiroz
70200 views, 221 favorites, 6 comments
This woman is being transformed with in the camber to a Naga
Naga Costume Transformation by Lucern7
6 images, 24787 views, 221 favorites, 10 comments
A very old sequence commission from Sunkit also known as Animorph59.
AnchinKiyohime by Edmol
37689 views, 211 favorites, 15 comments
"Anchin and Kiyohime" Folk tale of Japan.
Toes to Tails by Sutibaru
14419 views, 211 favorites, 8 comments
[commission]naga goo TF 2 by Kaju
34494 views, 199 favorites, 3 comments
Naga sm by Corvidima
33935 views, 197 favorites, 7 comments
[2 of 2 Commissions for jkrolak] The light bed in the lab was just too tempting. A little late night tanning wouldn't hurt right? Just a couple of hours after everyone else went home, get rid of those pesky tan lines...
Animation: Transformation Marathon by Chrysalis
36638 views, 183 favorites, 20 comments
WARNING: LARGE ANIMATION FILE. An animation I made back in 2010. Some of you have probably seen it before. I rendered it again recently, now that I have a more powerful computer and a more recent version of Photoshop, which means that I can make it more than 300 pixels wide. Unfortunately, I still can't get rid of the pixellated dithering effect. It seems to be a GIF thing. This took just over a month in Photoshop. I started with thirteen pencil sketches of different creatures, scanned t...
snake TF by Kaju
2 images, 31096 views, 171 favorites, 4 comments
commision art
[commission]naga goo TF by Kaju
25854 views, 159 favorites, 2 comments