Snow Leopard

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The Delta Project - Animal Resource Officer by Jakkal
8723 views, 120 favorites, 9 comments
Lindsey is a shapeshifter from a world where superheroes exist. People thought maybe she should use her powers for various heroic based endeavors. She had a different idea, however. This is September 2018's The Delta Project page for Arrow Quivershaft. The Delta Project is a crowdfunded anthology with a transformation theme. Every month I will draw at least one comic page for my Patrons (And then released later to the public). I also post my TF artwork there. Patrons get to help decide wha...
Ski Vacation by Flinters
16713 views, 118 favorites, 8 comments
The flyer had advertised a full ski weekend for a very low price, and better yet, they provided all the winter weather gear! These two guys were more than happy to take advantage of it until they got to their cabin to find the equipment comes with a price. Fallout had a couple of TF pics done at Rainfurrest 2011. This is one of them.
Brownwolf Commission by Zho
10180 views, 99 favorites, 6 comments
A commission. Brownwolf turning into a snow leopard! I personallly imagine he had offended the furry gods when he tried to wear shoes....or something. There's no story behind this though!
[Commission]-Wereleopard by Fringedog
8 images, 12052 views, 95 favorites, 3 comments
Commission done for Siegmar on Furaffinity
Livestream Commission: Human to Snow Leopard by Jakkal
7516 views, 90 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Tivadu of a human changing into a snow leopard of his design.
Syrrus by Ridia
7259 views, 78 favorites, 0 comments
Commission completed December, 2015.
K-SUIT Trials: Cataena by K-Libra
8151 views, 66 favorites, 6 comments
For more information on K-SUITs, please reference the specs sheet found here: Done with permission by Cataena More disclosed information on early trials.
Trade Tennis 2: Hacking Mishap by LanceNightingale
6376 views, 64 favorites, 5 comments
1: A fella tries to modify their character file on an MMORPG with a bit of magic and somehow the anti-cheat program catches it and causes some adverse... reactions, on the part of the gaming laptop. If you are interested in commissioning me, I am open for those. However if you are willing to contribute to my Patreon I would appreciate that greatly! Patreon Link-
Patrick Snowyote TF by Fox0808
8500 views, 61 favorites, 3 comments
Transformation into a snow leopard/coyote mix!
Patreon Sneak Peak - Snow Leopard by tfancred
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If you do want to see more of my stuff, you can become my patron at ! For as low as two bucks per month, you'll see two images like this one per week and, for 5 dollars, you'll also have access to my sequence Friday that has an ongoing sequence! I really need your help to continue produce that many pics! (8 (2$ patrons) to 12 (5 dollars patrons) pics per month MINIMUM!) Sometimes, I post extra stuff, like coloured version. Those are still rare, but I will do my best to make ...