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Squirrel TF - Patreon TF by tfancred
8017 views, 52 favorites, 14 comments
Here is a new Patreon Sneak Peak! I'm particulary proud of this specific drawing! I love the pose! If you want more of my stuff, I post at least three images like this per week on my patreon including a continuing sequence on friday! This is my famous Sequence Friday! ;-D Here is Tania, slowly turning into a squirrel in a little café nearby! I think she still didn't realised yet!
Atalhlla TF by Fazar
4655 views, 37 favorites, 1 comment
Fun birthday art for my friend Atalhlla. He draws TF too, likes TF. Here he is becoming a Hyena :)
Almost Like A Glove by Eccentricchimera
7135 views, 20 favorites, 0 comments
Okay, time to start adding some new stuff! Here's an unusual TF of a friend becoming a living sock!
Wolf Socks by Tgwonder
13996 views, 118 favorites, 3 comments
Socks may contain rainbow colors. colors may varied.