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A Bouncy Gift by Kresblain
5 images, 14849 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
Tezla gets a mysterious present. Wonder what it could be. Commission for Nightfirer on FA Color by Crazy Husky
Random Tf Febuary by Tomek1000
6099 views, 37 favorites, 3 comments
Oh ye i did it again this time my traget is :iconcorbynprower: i turned him or better say now her XD into cute lznx girl well have funn corb in new boddz X3
Mouse Tf by Tomek1000
4953 views, 24 favorites, 3 comments
yep its next fast drawing art this time mouse tf again random person turning into somethin ^^
New Scroll by Virmir
11230 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Has side effects. ;) Kuri (left!) belongs to Donnie/VengenceMKII!
Random TF January by Tomek1000
4931 views, 18 favorites, 3 comments
here is my next target muhahaha for this mounth i turned :iconcasirethedragon11: into his OC XD well have fun in your new life XD
Commision Parrot Tf by Tomek1000
9457 views, 40 favorites, 0 comments
commision for BigPanther2013 his tf into Red, blue parrot bg is simple wanted it look like good for place like that where live parrots (jungle) anyway art did took me 2 days
Random Tf November by Tomek1000
6504 views, 52 favorites, 9 comments
For this month my target was celestialrainicorn hehe he was turned into his OC what mean he had to be TG TF into it >:D muhahah wachout coz no one of you know who can be my next target for next month
Random Tf October by Tomek1000
5131 views, 35 favorites, 0 comments
well i had so much work on my head that i done this art so late :( here is tf into tiger for :iconsaigyoujin: she had luck to get random tf for October i hope she will like it
Dragon Tf Spell by Tomek1000
5952 views, 35 favorites, 3 comments
Special birthday gift for :iconnexeron: i turned him here into anthro dragon :) Oh ye i'm bad dragon XD i used special magic scroll called "Rune of dragons" efect as you see dragon tf well scroll leave part of runes as dragon marks colors was chosed by :iconnexeron: Happy Birthday! :iconnexeron:
Julius Tf Tg by Tomek1000
11101 views, 76 favorites, 7 comments
here is gift for :iconmrlecarde: i planed it as his birthday gift but unlucky i had too much work and couldynt do it on time , ppl think that i only draw dragons i want show that you can buy from me not only dragon commision but almoust everything other , this time i didynt want use shading sometimes i like how looks arts without it anyway i hope he will like it i did my best i could at anatomy on this dragon only :iconmrlecarde: can use it