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Veronica by Evion
3 images, 64844 views, 292 favorites, 20 comments
One of the first transformation sequences I ever did, this one happens to be of a 1920's flapper who is magically changed into a humanoid sphinx kind of creature. Sadly, I couldn't keep the drive to color the final stage, so this is as complete as it shall ever be!
New Sphinx by Juanvaldez
16120 views, 191 favorites, 15 comments
An update from an old pic I did in 2003.
Riddle Me This by wrenzephyr2
9502 views, 189 favorites, 6 comments
Usually when someone solves a sphinx's riddle, they are free to pass the creature unharmed, however, sometimes the solver will find themselves the new Riddle-Guardian while the last one is free to roam the world, a human once more. Hopefully the next passerby will be as smart as her, otherwise the poor girl may be stuck for awhile...
Oracle and Sphinx by Comic
19288 views, 173 favorites, 13 comments
I think part of an oracle's job is making sure their predictions come true. No matter what the cost is to the fated characters.
blythe by Sola84
5 images, 23057 views, 100 favorites, 6 comments
Sphinx Sequence
Sphynx - Ink by Comic
10632 views, 76 favorites, 7 comments
First Submission from me, ringing in the new year. Still working out a few kinks though. Pleased to meet you.
cbsphinx by Currerbell
28264 views, 72 favorites, 2 comments
A young woman visits the altar of a goddess and gets more than she bargained for
ryan by Sola84
3 images, 23690 views, 65 favorites, 0 comments
Manticore Sequence
Sphinx tf tg (art trade) by Tomek1000
7501 views, 62 favorites, 1 comment
art trade with someone from FA i must say it was cool to draw something other than dragons ^^
Riddle Lover by Hukeng
4033 views, 54 favorites, 1 comment
"Okay, let´s see if you can guess this one: An ageless titan clad in green robes, with a shock of white hair on his head. Who could that be?" You scratch your head in fake reflectiveness, while she gives you a playful, quizzical expression. "A... mountain, perhaps?" Good thing you already knew that one. "Wow, you are good!" She replies with a strangely... feline looking smile, while soft, short fur is starting to sprout all over her skin. "Wait, I´ve got another one: Who will never leave yo...