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weaver by Birvan
4 images, 71153 views, 301 favorites, 38 comments
Something I did for a shop I hope to open in Gaia. I'm looking for artists because I don't have enough time to do the art on my own. (http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24384959). Edit: Uploaded the color version
Eight by Foxx
25718 views, 41 favorites, 7 comments
this apparently distrubs the hell out of everyone who's seen it... doesn't bother me much, I think it's kinda cool...
widow by Carillon
24300 views, 76 favorites, 7 comments
These words he speaks are true. We're all humanary stew if. We don't pledge allegiance to... The Black Widow. ( there is also a sketch to this one)
Spidertaur by Carillon
23109 views, 53 favorites, 2 comments
the edges are a little bit rough, but the drawing itself was pretty small
Arachnid Temple by Ametf
3 images, 22860 views, 80 favorites, 4 comments
Commission for Lazuka on FA. While temple-raiding his character, Ren, finds some real pretty looking gems in this weird-looking pillar. I tagged fused legs even though it's sorta... the opposite? But I guess you call 'play it' backwards and see a drider TF into a human xD
spider Newt by Bilious
19552 views, 18 favorites, 2 comments
Turning my character Newt into various animals for fun- the spider. I had the most fun with this. This was also befor I got my tablet. XD
Countess Eugenia Lycosa by K-Libra
3 images, 19082 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for someone from The Process Forums. I finished this several weeks ago, but didn't post it immediately after finishing it A story even I still don't really understand, but here it is.
Nemesis by Maska
5 images, 18987 views, 47 favorites, 2 comments
Lex is PISSED OFF. Bekka is concerned.
spiderartistsmall by Carillon
18708 views, 33 favorites, 2 comments
the first image after a long while. Sorry, but life is busy ;-) I hope to find some time to do some more drawings.
LarrySpider by Kanada
14063 views, 40 favorites, 5 comments
Since Spiderman2 is coming out in a matter of hours, thought it would be apropiate to upload this spider-guy here. Big and harry, scary Larry, the spider man!.