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Plague mask crow gooTF by Kaju
2164 views, 22 favorites, 1 comment
other collar :
Realistic Foxtaur Suit by Nisharu
4055 views, 32 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for daniel156161 from FA. A sequence about Barteck fox having fun to dress his new foxtaur
Why get IN the eva when you can BECOME the EVA by Fleur De Lynx
6127 views, 27 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for
Beast Mode by Hukeng
6068 views, 42 favorites, 3 comments
That function was never supposed to be implemented into the official release of the Mark IV. Cybersuit for law enforcement personnel...
Biosuit by blackshirtboy
16758 views, 107 favorites, 4 comments
An intrepid space explorer gets suited up as one of the natives! It's Avatar but furry(er)!