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5702 views, 34 favorites, 1 comment
Tapired by Hukeng
3663 views, 26 favorites, 1 comment
A rarely seen species that deserves a lot more love.
A Masked Surprise by Hukeng
2 images, 6722 views, 34 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for yowza. A cat-themed face mask leads to all sorts of feline shenanigans.
Griffin with a Chopper Hunch by Ametf
4149 views, 16 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Frysco on FA. His griffinsona tfing into a chopper motorbike
Sherk by Hukeng
4563 views, 31 favorites, 0 comments
Majestic nomfish beach volleyball player.
Unbridled - a Horse Tf For Angrumoys by Kuzim
10149 views, 110 favorites, 6 comments
A Commissioned piece from Angrumoys. Supposed to be another straightforward sequence of him transforming into an overtly masculine stallion. He wanted to be either a Frisian or quarter horse, but since I am by no means an avid equestrian, i simply turned him into whatever non-existent breed fits my definition of 'horse".
Chicken, Chicken. by Gryphius
2 images, 13514 views, 74 favorites, 1 comment
Foxx and myself, turning all chicken-ey! And just to make it even more fun, switched some things up. ;D
Awkward Timing by Gryphius
5422 views, 64 favorites, 4 comments
There aren't enough heron tfs in the world~ I sometimes write little stories to go with things, there's one with this on my FA:
Vanilla by Hukeng
3533 views, 15 favorites, 1 comment
"Stop licking yourself, that´s gross!" "But I´m delicious!"
An Asinine Gift by EduartBoudewijn
7615 views, 74 favorites, 3 comments
This was a drawing I drew for a friend on deviantart as part of an art trade. The image features a girl being turned into a donkey as a result of opening an enchanted gift.