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Harpy commission for Gojiberry371 by Mxmaramoose
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Just barely getting this pic in on time for #TFTuesday I was digging through my files an found this old commission I did for gojiberry371 on twitter last September! I sent the work to goji but completely forgot to publicly post it! sorry! enjoy some harpytf!
Free Candy? by Wereskunk
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I decided to draw myself being turned into a piñata via hoop. Why I listened to “free candy” and went through hoop, I can’t really say. Not like I could turn around. As soon as I went through I lost ability to move my upper half. Then someone used a rope to pull me and make sure I went in the right direction. Hey, it wasn’t a lie.. I indeed get free candy. I mean it’s inside me, I can’t eat it. Hopefully you don’t want to eat the candy inside of me…there’s only one way to get candy out of a piña...
Cat-Chy Music by Mxmaramoose
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OccPixTfs recently found out just how cat-chy a certain cat themed musical can be so here's thier sona enjoying themselves as a Jellicle. time to dance around under the moonlight ^^
TF Secret Santa for CaitlinSnowLeopard by Mxmaramoose
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I participated in Torlion's TF Secret Santa and got CaitlinSnowLeopard who enjoys DC ladies and Snow Leopards so heres Killer Frost becoming a fluffy Snep.
Present Spotted by KrazyIvan
3839 views, 44 favorites, 1 comment
Happy Xmas guys
Siren's Lure by Breezes
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You're gonna have more than just fins, hun
A Shiny Shark Treasure! by Kaiko
3134 views, 11 favorites, 2 comments
Squeaky pooltoy shark transformation sketch for CloudyYote on Twitter!~
Zeelo's Shark Transformation by Kaiko
3735 views, 25 favorites, 5 comments
My first full Transformation sequence commission! Thank you for supporting me as a new artist >//W///<
World Raid Boss by Taitora
1947 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
Turned into a world boss
Fox TF (ANIM) - Making Cereal by Drigil
8079 views, 108 favorites, 14 comments
Animated a little fox transformation that occurs during a young boy's breakfast routine with 566 frames of colored animated glorious. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: Some of you didn't like how he still had a human arm at the end of it. This has been remedied.