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The Swan Prince by HamsterToybox
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EDIT: So obviously there's a big gap between the third and the forth image, but this will be filled soon. If I don't upload the first 3 now I'll get confused later! After a long break, another commission for EalaDubh. Will be adding a lot to this over the coming weeks.
Commission - Somnilux 1 by Battlehog
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3hrs Transformation commission for Somnilux on twitter! I LOVED working on this one honestly!! TF to a black-necked swan!
Swantastic! by Jakkal
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Commission for @Ealadubh starring himself getting cursed by a Bunyip. Like Transformations? Consider donating to my Transformation Comic Anthology! https://www.patreon.com/DeltaProject?ty=h
Swan Maiden by Mookyvet
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Swan transformation that was commissioned by KermitYoung(FA). :) I really had fun doing this two-part sequence. Don't get to draw beaks that often! Image (c) Mookyvet Character (c) KermitYoung: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kermityoung
1920s Lady into Hippogryph by TigrisG
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Siggy commissioned me to do any kind of hippogryph, so I had complete artistic freedom to choose what I wanted. I went with a swan and gypsy vanner, two elegant animals with similar colors. She's a 20s era flapper wearing a vintage dress reffed from a photo.
The Most Wonderful Gift by SeaCigar
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Hoy there, this is a gift image given to me by the inesteemable Shiro. It entails a magic gift from an enchanted swan's egg. Frankly, I don't think this picture is realistic at all... If this were happening to me I'd be crying in joy, and not nearly so worried about a little wardrobe shredding;) I considered whether a gift image was proper to present on the site, and decided to do so on two primary factors. One, I believe the quality of the image was good enough to be presentable given curren...
honk by SeaCigar
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A bit of a more disparate looking transformation, this gent almost looks sickly as he undergoes his transformation into an anthro swan. He is indeed wearing a diaper: a friend suggested that if you were to spontaneously transform, especially into a bird with know rectal muscles, you might want to wear something to keep you and your area clean. This one has a more medical feel to it, so I thought genetic manipulation would be a suitable trigger.
ledaswan by Bilious
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Leda and the Swan- Comission for EalaDubh , from the greek myth Leda and the Swan, Eala recomended calling it "Leda and the Shlong" (edited again on account of sounding far too bitchy. <333)
SwanTrans by Edmol
16402 views, 98 favorites, 3 comments
void-boid by Ealadubh
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A swan sequence frame, but which I've decided to leave out as it doesn't quite mesh with the anatomical changes I want with the others. But a good TF in its own right.