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Basking in the Glory by Niche
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Happy end of shark week everyone! Figured I'd actually do something for it this year, so here's a tf into my favorite shark, the basking shark. He's the second largest shark, and a filter feeder, so no pointy teeth here.
P is for Pachycephalosaurus by Witchfiend
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Unfortunately the story that accompanies this pic is too long for transfur but you can find it on my FA page here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16901380/ --- From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/ I hope people will enjoy them here too.
By the pool by Binturongboy
9604 views, 84 favorites, 4 comments
The first ever inflatable TF I did. :D
You're gonna need a new swimsuit, brah... by Ciervo
3 images, 11822 views, 104 favorites, 10 comments
Commission for someone who'll remain anonymous! 1/17/15 Edit: First and third frames added!
Strange swimwear by Tonde
3 images, 22597 views, 156 favorites, 6 comments
Rubbery Otter TF!
Morning Changes by Ciervo
8893 views, 35 favorites, 1 comment
Experimenting with lighting, mostly :)
Otter Toy by Weazel75
7320 views, 47 favorites, 3 comments
Ready for the pool!
Bikini for sharks (AT) by Tomek1000
19816 views, 168 favorites, 8 comments
Here is my part of art trade for my friend clothoverlord he asked for his tf tg into shark girl by using bikini or swim suit Short story: he found on beah bikini when he did get closer it jumped on him and start turning him into shark girl unlucky for him i saw all and i already got evil plan >X3 yep there will be page 2 of it but wont say what my plan is :3 i can say only its revange for tf tg me into Tiana
You're a beaver now by Splice
6724 views, 39 favorites, 11 comments
Went near a river, came back a beaver.
Beach Bonanza: Commission by Shadowpelt
2441 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
Finished TF commission for @Cyrin! I love this one, ducking seals! Plus it's a bit different for once c: