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The right pond by Fennex
18 images, 87738 views, 429 favorites, 52 comments
Lucy has been searching far and wide for a genuine 'magical pond'. Now that she's found one she slowly starts to realize she might not have thought everything through properly.
Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
54725 views, 418 favorites, 19 comments
Sharkgirl by GeckzGo
34754 views, 538 favorites, 23 comments
I think she has a different shark problem now... From the Transfur donation drive.
mertrans by ShadowsMyst
33645 views, 124 favorites, 3 comments
keys small by Angrboda
28003 views, 202 favorites, 20 comments
commission for lunarkeys from AC 2010; he gets tfed by the siren song of the ocean.
wereturtle by Corvidima
25971 views, 82 favorites, 7 comments
Artist Challenge #3: Were-turtle! Why? Your shoulder blades get sucked inside your ribcage (ouch!), and say goodbye to any hair you had... [although to be honest, I think turning into a human would be the most unfortunate were-creature...]
Adele by Mookyvet
2 images, 25360 views, 231 favorites, 5 comments
A two-part transformation piece for Greywolf26 on FA. Can I just say that pink hair = the best? Because it totally is.
dolphinTF by Kuma
24790 views, 169 favorites, 18 comments
My bad, never got around to uploading this one. Did it quite a long while back, for Transfurs 2nd theme. Not my usual style, but it was fun to do.
SwimsuitSkunk by Cobalt_K
24649 views, 299 favorites, 12 comments
The mirror in her hand nearly slipped from her fingers. The strange sensations she had experienced after using the new bodywash now made complete sense. The bottle had promised beauty beyond anything seen before. She was hard pressed to deny that the results were a success, for as she locked eyes with her reflection she was overwhelmed with awe. Her dark, soft, silky body was a stunning wonder to behold. It was almost captivating enough to make her forget that she no longer stood a chance in the...
Strange swimwear by Tonde
3 images, 23583 views, 159 favorites, 6 comments
Rubbery Otter TF!