Tasmanian Devil

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Tasmanian Devil With A Blue Dress On by Light Lux Collie
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXy7qYAKrfc Don't you just hate it when you take your wife out dancing and she starts transforming into a tasmanian devil. On the bright side, if people ask, you can say she has the most wonderful smile.
Species meme by Kuzim
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Found this meme on rockibillysteeds's Deviantart page and decided to do my own version. Couldn't think of a good inanimate object- so excuse the strawberry. Transfur needs a baboon tag and a polar bear tag
Taz Devil Kejital by Xids
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My second entry in a contest Ageaus' held awhile back. I just though, not to many Tasmanian devil TFs out there. and the background was out of boredom. haha